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Since 1968, the Wild Sanctuary team has traveled the globe to record, archive, research, and express biophony™ – the voice of the natural world. These extremely rare wild soundscapes inform and enrich our specialized efforts from the field to public performance.

"Bernie Krause and his niche theory are the real thing. His originality, research and above all basic knowledge of the sound environments in nature are impressive."



Without sound…there would be no music, no legend, no voice to stir the soul, evoke the memory, or transport the spirit! From the songs of humpback whales and the screams of Rwanda's mountain gorillas to the groan of shifting Arctic glaciers or the rumble of an approaching storm, Wild Sanctuary albums, installations, and recognized authority in the field of natural sounds is authentic, adventurous, and inspiring. Within a changing world, what you listen to matters!

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"As much spirit as a place, Wild Sanctuary is an exploration of art, science, outreach, and performance - with Natural Soundscapes informing each adventure."

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Audio Archive


The Wild Sanctuary Audio Archive represents a vast and important collection of whole-habitat field recordings and precise metadata dating from the late 1960s. This unique bioacoustic resource contains marine and terrestrial soundscapes representing the voices of living organisms from larvae to large mammals and the numerous tropical, temperate and Arctic biomes from which they come. The catalog currently contains over 4,500 hours of wild soundscapes and in excess of 15,000 identified life forms.

Fully half of the natural soundscapes in this rare set are from habitats that no longer exist, are radically altered because of human endeavor, or have gone altogether silent.

"Musician and naturalist, Bernie Krause is one of the world's leading experts in natural sound."

-- Sir George Martin

Biophony™ Exhibits | Audio Art

The public performance extension of the Archive’s field recordings, Wild Sanctuary sound sculptures give voice to vibrant public space installation media and venues. Program and site-specific content, custom-rendered technology, non-redundant delivery options, and final system calibration replicate dynamic 3-D performances just as they occur in wild natural habitats.

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Programs | Workshops

Encouraging the next generation of soundscape inquiry, Wild Sanctuary Programs are varied and far-reaching: Academic & Scholastic Support | Arctic Soundscape Project/Arctic Live | Book and Publication Promotion | Field Research: Scientific Baseline & Comparative Studies | Graduate Student & Internship Programs | Keynote and Public Speaking | Location and Field-Recording Workshops| Ongoing Community Outreach | Public Lectures & Guest Teaching | Soundscape Ecology Presentations | Soundscape Safaris

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Installation | Consultation | Collaboration

Wild Sanctuary soundscape installations are so compelling, there is no known equal.

Our production, delivery technologies, and installation services generate perfected soundscape environments for venues of all sizes.

Select colleagues and associates, drawn from the world’s most skilled field recordists, system design experts, conceptual visionaries, and sound-arts software programmers are creative, experienced, and reliable members of the Wild Sanctuary team.

Information regarding special project consultation, exhibit enhancement, location recording assignments, studio production services, and creative arts collaborations is available upon request.

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Seeking Species Specific or Habitat Ambient Sounds?

Wild Sanctuary Audio Archive Selections are available for licensing.

Note: In order to protect and value these copyrighted works, and respect that of other soundscape recordists, any use of materials or recordings on this site without written permission or license is strictly prohibited.

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The Great Animal Orchestra:

The Great Animal Orchestra

Finding the Origins of Music
in the World's Wild Places
by Bernie Krause

A lifetime of field, lab, and soundscape production experience combine in an astonishing story clarifying, among other themes, how animals taught us to dance and sing! Krause's book is a groundbreaking adventure through wild soundscapes, ecology, and music.

Available now!

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Publications | Media Requests

To develop and further the evolving field of Soundscape Ecology, ongoing publication and a dynamic media presence provides a vital voice for biophony™ - the creature chorus of natural sound - and invites new ways of engaging with the wilderness and the wild. From pioneering work in the field of bioacoustics and nature recording to innovative explorations in science and art, Bernie Krause, with Kat Krause and the Wild Sanctuary team, continue to investigate, define, and forward public and academic understanding of the world’s rapidly diminishing 'sonic symphony' through their varied, studied, and creative works.

For information on booking Bernie Krause for a speech, please contact the Harry Walker Agency: 646-227-4900 or info@harrywalker.com

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The emergent field of Soundscape Ecology reveals what nature sounds tell us about today’s changing eco-systems - and the creatures that dwell in them.

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